VAFB SLC-4W Demolition


When a private space contractor needed to clear landing space on an existing space launch complex for their proprietary rocket systems, part of what was in the way was a nearly 3,000 tons of a 250 foot tall mobile launch tower.  Demolition by explosive on the Air Force base was a non-starter, thus the client contracted with SSG to create a system of weakening that would allow for cables and pulleys to be towed by a large tracked vehicle and fall the tower like a very large, very heavy tree in a specific direction.  Falling any other direction would have damaged other structures meant to stay, biologically sensitive habit or roads.  Therefore margin for error was slim.  After an initial failed attempt on the first day due to lack of traction in the 200,000 pound tow vehicle, the second day created quite a little shaker as all the 1960’s steel and engineering came crashing down to a level within reach of standard scrapping equipment.  The steel was all recycled and is probably in a new building near you!